TOUHOU 18 EXTRA STAGE?! || Touhou 18 Extra Mod by WishMakers

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I truly wonder how Touhou UM's full game will look like, especially the Extra Stage. Apparently WishMakers was as hyped, so he didn't hesitate and made his own! How great is that, and who is the boss - it's about to be seen.

(Yes - this is the modification to Touhou 18 demo. And I think it's kind of grey area to make a fan-made stage directly in original games.
While I don't approve it - you know, grey area - it is some dedication to make a stage by directly operating on ECL - inner engine's language, which appears to be very complicated. So, decided to show it off. Have fun!)

(Check out WishMakers video on it, for extra comments on it!)


Link to creator's video:

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