Stolen Land Rover drives along railway tracks during police chase

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Police are searching for the driver of a vehicle abandoned on a railway line that is causing disruption to train services.

Hertfordshire Police said that two officers were injured and several cars were damaged after police attempted to intercept a stolen vehicle, which had been driven into the area from Essex on Thursday morning.

Footage appeared to show a black car fleeing officers on a residential road, with separate footage later showing what appears to be the same vehicle being driven on railway tracks at Cheshunt Station.

A Hertfordshire Police spokeswoman said: "At around on Thursday 15 July, our control room was made aware that a stolen vehicle had travelled into Hertfordshire ground, from Essex.

"The vehicle was located in Cheshunt and officers from Essex Police attempted to speak to the driver.

"The vehicle then made off, injuring two officers and damaging several vehicles in the process.

"Officers from Hertfordshire also attended to assist with the search and the vehicle was found abandoned on nearby train tracks, in Windmill Lane.

"A search of the area is currently being carried out to locate the driver and officers are working alongside British Transport Police to recover the vehicle. It was not struck by a train at any point.

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