San Diego: Attempted Homicide on a Police Officer 07082021 (UPDATED SUSPECT INFO)

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INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 7-8-21 10:10 am
LOCATION: Westview Prkwy & Black Mtn Rd
CITY: San Diego

The officer attempted to pull over a black Chrysler 200 sedan for a traffic violation. The driver fled and a pursuit began. At some point, the driver stopped his car and went into reverse ramming the officer and his motorcycle.

The driver pushed the officer and motorcycle down the street before fleeing Westview Parkway. Good Samaritan came running to the officers’ aid. The officer was transported with minor injuries to a local hospital. The Police have the license plate of the “Out of State” car and are searching for it.

Suspects: Moses Corea (driver) is well known to the officers and Jessica Hernandez (passenger) who has several felony warrants out for her arrest.
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