Outriders Most OP Mod? Untamed Power is INSANE

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You need to use this mod in every Outriders anomaly build.
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If you're new to Outriders or just leveling up theres a good chance you've passed over Untamed Power not realizing Untamed Power is one of the most OP mods in all of Outriders.
Untamed Power allows you to deal 50k damage whenever a skill is used and the damage is based off of 30% of your anomaly power. Unlike other mods Untamed Power actually scales off of your AP! This is why its one of the best outriders mods.
Especially while you're climbing challenge tiers with an anomaly build you want to use this insane mod to allow you to output A LOT more damage without having to sacrifice anything.
Treat untamed power as a separate skill because that's basically what it is. It triggers off of any skill including melee attacks and will make up a massive amount of your builds damage at the end of an expedition.

Untamed power is one of the best tier 2 mods in Outriders and you should definitely use it on any anomaly build you're running.

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