MOST BROKEN GILDED UNIQUE FARM - Ancient Boss Rush Mod Showcase in Minecraft Dungeons

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This is the EASIEST and most broken way to get your hands on Gilded Unique items in Minecraft Dungeons! Introducing the Ancient Boss Rush Selection mod, a custom level which allows you to summon ANY Ancient Mob or Boss to farm for that perfect Gilded Fighter's Bindings or Harp Crossbow without having to sacrafice items or Enchantment Points. In this video, I show you how the mod works, how fast you can get Gilded Unique weapons and armor and what you should focus on when searching for specific items and Enchantments. The Ancient Boss Rush works similar like the Boss Rush which I showcased earlier, but this one spawns in MANY Ancient mobs instead, which keep dropping Gilded items after each wave. You can get the best items for your build in no time! Enjoy!

Ancient Boss Rush Selection mod:

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