Friday night Funkin // FNF Tordbot battle animation (Tord mod / Eddsworld ) Tord vs bf (read Desc)

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imma edit a bit cause it broke when I upload ( guess that's all ???? )

???? Don't repost my animation anywhere on social media.????
don't put on your top or react videos without my ( ask me on Instagram )
like, share and subscribe (I) will appreciate it. ????????✨
( I sacrifice my soul to sleep late- I forgot )

hey you, yes you
tord belongs to Eddsworld not Fnf if you don't know what's Eddsworld then go search it and you may see it been created for a long years now and the MOD was created this year saying Tord is from fnf he's belong to Eddsworld dear. ????

and bad at editing and getting lazy at the end ???? but still my motivation is still up- help-

some of my animation part is based on the "the end episode part 2 " go check it out and sorry should make that part that you got hit by the rock on your it's for the best that you have black 1 like to heal matt eye ÚnÙ ( and sorry for my bad grammar )

tord belongs to Eddsworld
Tord mod by bbpanzu

time take: 6 days
fps: 18
frames: 1692
ibis paint

sent fanart on Instagram or maybe messenger ????

and ye the person you saw on the last part eating pop is me ????
and the counting part is blue,cj,me,and zissy ????

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thanks for watching here's a beloved flower I gave ya ????
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