DBXV2: GREATEST Ultra Instinct Goku MOD EVER [W/FighterZ, Legends & Anime Transformations/Skills]

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For today, we have a BRAND NEW SHOWCASE of an Ultra Instinct Goku Mod for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! While there have been many UI Goku mods for this game, this is arguably one of the best, if not THE Best UI Goku Mod of all Time! Not only are there custom transformations and skills, but some of them are even based off Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dragon Ball Legends, and even the anime!

To go into the specifics? This Goku has 3 different Transformations. One in which he goes into MUI, based off the anime. The 2nd is based off his Intro in FighterZ! and the last is him in white, from when he countered Jirens attack. Some of his skills are from Legends and FighterZ as well. One of his ultimates is from his Dramatic Finish against Kefla. Another move is from his Legendary Finish that he has in Dragon Ball Legends!

The same individual who made the Gogito Mod(UCC), managed to create this pretty awesome UI Goku. Definitely a unique and interesting take on the mod!

The second mod shown is also a Xeno SSJ4 Vegito, who is able to go into his Limit Breaker form. Based off Heroes.

Overall, two well done mods

Introduction: 0:00
Showcase: 1:06
Battles Against The CPU: 4:32

UCC(Ultra Instinct Goku). Unfortunately, this is a private Mod. The original creator of this mod didn't share this out publicly. I only got it used the Dragon Balls to make a wish :)

Zero Mortal Modders(Xeno Vegito)

Far knight
Infinite Chaos

All had a part in this Vegito mod
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