Assam Police Swings into Action After Most Horrific Assault Video Goes Viral

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I am usually calm and composed while delievering the most horrific peice of news and that's how I have been ever since I have been in journalism. Whether it was covering the 7/11 serial train blasts in Mumbai or even the 26/11 terrorist attack on Taj Hotel in november 2008. In my 14 years of career in News Media, I have never seen someting as brutal as this blatantly captured on a video by the perpetartors of a crime. A young woman, believed to be from the Northeast, has been sexually abused by five persons, and the most shocking part is that her tormentors include another woman.

In a 3 minute 45 seconds video, a helpless young girl is restrained by some 3 to 4 men and one woman, then she is stripped naked, gagged beaten up and twice an empty liquor bottle is shoved up her private parts and all this while she is also being beaten up.

At the end of the video, they also take pictures of her while shooting her horrific molestation as one of the latest Honey Singh songs plays the background which means this is a recent loud music Drowns the girl's desperate cries for help. They give her no chance for defence.

This is so depraved that the perpatrators of this crime do not deserve to be called human. They not only slap her a multiple times but one of them sits on her face and the other one shoves his toe inside her privates. The culprits are also spotted on a video call, exchanging visuals with others while abusing the girl.

I have watched this video but it is so graphic and inhumane that it certainly cannot be put up on a public platform and I appeal everyone that if they have it then please do not forward it ahead, to protect the identity the dignity of the victim. You can screenshot the pictures of the molestors instead and forward those.

The Assam Police has released these photos of the culprits and promised to reward anyone who is able to identify the them. The disturbing and graphic video of assault has already been circulated widely, with people assuming the victim to be from Nagaland, based on reports of a Naga woman’s death by suicide in Jodhpur, on Sunday, May 23rd. Her name was Lovikali Sumi but the police have said that her case is different. Assam Police further said that it is unclear where and when exactly the molestation incident took place but it is everyone’s duty locate the culprits.

Sources say that the victim is dead but there is no confirmation on this from the police. Sources also said that there is not one but two victims of this barbaric act and both happened in the same building. This is a developing story and a lot more update can come in on this news as investigations progress.

For now, we can only hope that the victim or the victims, if there are more than one, are at least alive and the guilty are brought to book, as soon as possible.

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Jai Hind
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